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The Psychologist OST

The Psychologist OST 

The Psychologist OST / 女心理师 电视剧原声带
Year: 2021
Country: China
Format: MP3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Music Genre: Soundtrack

Track List:

01. Andy (杨紫), Muye Wu (吴牧野) - Flower House Cafe (花房咖啡厅)

02. Kelly Chen (陈慧琳) - Psychological Master (心理大师)

03. The Landlord's Cat (房东的猫) - For Love Longing (是对爱的渴望)

04. Rennie Wang (王笠人) - Secret (小秘密)

05. Andy (杨紫), Jevon Wang (王嘉), Joyce (菅纫姿) - Psychological Master (心理大师)

06. Finn Liu (刘凤瑶) - Psychological Master (心理大师)

07. Lu Yupeng (陆宇鹏) - Secret (小秘密)

08. Yanhong Zhou (周艳泓) - I'm Happily Without You (没有你我现在过得很幸福)

09. Yanhong Zhou (周艳泓) - I'm Happily Without You (没有你我现在过得很幸福) (Inst.)


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